Company History

MIEBO Tech Export was founded in September 2004 by Hans-Joachim Göpfert. The company aims to fully cover the needs of their customers from quote to shipping and customs clearance services and beyond.

Between 2004 and 2011, the business model proved successful. The company grew and new markets were opened up in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Gulf region, as well as in North and South America.

In 2011, company leadership set the focus on the optimization of the internal structure and processes of the company with the goal of increasing efficiencies. This allowed MIEBO Tech Export to expand into additional markets. As a result, MIEBO Tech Export is supplying customers worldwide today.

In 2020, Hans-Joachim Göpfert, the company’s founder, stepped down as General Manager and left MIEBO Tech Export. The company thanks him for his ingenuity and commitment that shaped the company into its current form.

MIEBO Tech Export continues to grow and supply customers worldwide. Customers benefit greatly from the team’s technical competency. MIEBO Tech Export thanks all of its partners and customers, who have been been working successfully with MIEBO Tech Export for many years.